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Team "Raven"

The following document will present the participants in the team project with codename “Raven”. Here the short list of the team members:

1. Violeta Roumenova – geniusvil
2. Emrah Bekir - emrah.bekir
3. Kaloyan Peykov - alskdf
4. Teodor Mihov – teodor.mihov.9 (realisty)
5. Todor Atanasov - toshko93
6. Stiliyan Dimitrov - stiliyandd

Every member took part in the creation of the game. We had a lot of fun while doing it. We encountered a few problems a while trying to get used to using the team repository in Here is a link to the game project -
Now I will try and give a short explanation of the game. It is much like the popular “bubbles” game in it consists of few main elements, which I`ll explain separately at first and then I`ll combine them to form the idea of the game.
Let us start with the shooter. It is located on the bottom of the screen and can move only left and right not beyond the boundaries of the console window. It can`t move up and it can`t move down. The shooter has color. After shooting a projectile which is the same color as the shooter , the shooter changes its color. The gun can change between a maximum of seven colors(depending on the chosen level of difficulty). After shooting a projectile the shooter will choose one random color between those seven, which will become the next projectile that will be shot. The gun is then ready to shoot again.
The second main part of the game, are the “numbles”. A numble is represented by one color block on the console window. A numble can be colored in one of seven colors(depending on the chosen level of difficulty). These numbles fall down and are clumped in groups of the same color. In the beginning of the game the bricks take about one third of the console window, and then they start moving down toward the shooter. In the first levels the moving is slowly, but as the levels grow the moving gets fast.
Now we`ll give the short explanation of the game. As the game starts and the shooter is positioned in the middle of the bottom row of the console window and there are bricks falling down toward the shooter. The shooter can shoot projectile toward the numbles. If the projectile and the clump of numbles that are hit are the same color, they disappear. If the projectile and the clump of bricks are different color the projectile is glued on the numbles. The gun can shoot only upwards. Every time the clump of numbles disappears points are added to the player`s score. Depending on how many numbles disappear in total, points are added accordingly. The idea of the game is to gain more points. The game ends when the numbles reach the bottom row where the shooter is positioned.

Classes and methods

In the game there is 9 methods, as the main method is located in class Program.
Class Program:
Contains the metod „Show menu“ , with who we have the probability to choice between 4 options – „start game“, „help“, „high scores“ or „exit“. Inside you can also choose „MakeChoose“. „MakeChoose“ takes the parametres as „choise“ and „n“ and contains the following methods: „Start game“– from class „Program” or „ReadHelp”or „ReadScores”from class „Menu”.
Method StartGame:
Takes as parameter the level of the game from a tipe ”void”, because it makes the main requerements of the game. In it there are written „field“ and „player“ with “player.Print()”and „field.Print()”.The player moving „player.MovePlayer()”, compleats the field ”field.AddNewLine” and the end of the game is resulted.
Class color:
Contains the method „GetColor”, whitch receive the data as type int and returns as type ConsoleColor.
Class EndGame:
Contains methods for: printing the end of the game „End”, for the points of the end of the game”PointsAtTheEnd”, if you dont have points at the end of the game ”NotBestScoreMesage”, method of retreaving results in the file „WriteOtFile”, for including a name „AskForName”, for a best result „TheBestResult”.
Class Field:
Overs the field with the multicolored numbers as it contains methods :adding a new line „AddNewLine”, end check „ChekIsItEndOfGame”, taking a new symbol „TakeNewSymbol”, putting a new symbol „PutNewSymbol” , following the points „Points”, check if a number is made or next to it from the same colour „ChekNeighboars”
Class Menu:
Contains method of printing „PrintMenu”, for a coise“ReadScores” , „ReadHelp”,and for with and without: „Play”, „Help”,”Scores”,””,”Exit”,”PlayFrame”,”HelpFrame”, „ScoresFrame”, “ExitFrame”
Class NameGame:
Prints the name of the player at the begining , as every letter has it‘s own method.
Class StartScreen:
”Has the following methods : choosing a difficulty „ChooseLevel”, counting the seconds and the counting from the start, for printing every single one of the second and letters
Class Won
For printing of won game. Method of trinting of every letter separetly : “PrintW”,”PrintO”,”PrintN”

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